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  1. newundertaker007 says:

    @96nmb yep me too

  2. sujuluv2444 says:

    I luv this movie saw it like 6 times and it never gets old

  3. Ifigenia98 says:

    One of the best movies ever!

  4. 99SECRETGIRL says:

    Sebastian:what’s that?
    Wally:thinking that you have disease that you don’t really have..
    Sebastian:OMG i have that!
    me: ahhhh.. sebastian so freaking cute!!

  5. kataa090 says:

    aaaa. Sebastian is soooo cute

  6. pimpacinkurac says:

    @itsmeberta..this is movie..you get it dont you?

  7. demimarmadrid says:

    @groterfy This is really awesome. :)

  8. jessicaguster says:

    Oh my God. I have that

  9. groterfy says:

    * Looking for a movie to download * whats this… seems good *watching the trailer* after watching it , well now i dont need to see it cause it showed pretty much everything…..

  10. 96nmb says:

    Yeah only going to attempt watching this because of Patrick Wilson!

  11. MissLauraLizzie says:

    @itsmeberta if a grandparent of ancestor of the child had brown eyes it would be possible for that gene to still be prominent, therefore giving the child brown eyes (i’m not for one second saying thats hollywoods reasoning behind it) but its not impossible for parents with blue eyes to have a brown eye’d child point and case my best friend :) … (please don’t take this to offence its just a point) :D ….

  12. bigdog7013 says:

    dont ever watched this film, if u dont want ur girlfriend watch u weep like a little girl, i thought it was just a comedy, not even a warning here…great movie

  13. itsmeberta says:

    Well, I’m watching The Switch right now and noticed that the little boy has brown eyes….being that Jeniffer A.’ and Jason B. characters have blue eyes…that baby must have been switched at the hospital as blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown-eyed child. Nice going, Hollywood.

  14. tripylsd says:

    what? what is this? the first part of “The Change-up” (2011)?

  15. kfki says:

    both bateman and aniston were in horrible boss together!

  16. kfki says:

    the dude switch sperm, his sperm is used!

  17. TheDynamicalliiex says:

    I did not understand the trailer at all

  18. annita99 says:

    Shrouded in darkness…..xD

  19. CruelYogi says:

    im so tired of that ken wesley internet attorney guy fuck he wont shut up every video….

  20. FantasyGirl365 says:

    I love this movie!!

  21. shangstaduhbum says:

    is this on ondemand yet?

  22. Cruciat112 says:

    thumbs up if you’re searching for a good movie but you just cant find a good one.

  23. lovequeen786 says:

    @Stillicidium Its not impossible at all..

  24. sasukeuraharaa says:

    1:00 what song is that?
    “whoah oh oh ohh” that one