Adventure / Survival Cache Tube

REACT 04-24 Reusable Easy Access Cache Tube An Easy to Build Adventure Cache Tube for approximately Size 4 x 24 inches Storage Volume 300 cubic inches (approximate) MATERIALS • Pre-Cut ABS Pipe 4 x 24 • 4-inch ABS Knock Out Inspection Cap • 4-inch Test Plug • Small Tube Silicone Caulk • ABS Glue (silicone works great though) • 36 x 8-inch roll vacuum bag material • Vacuum / Heat Seal Machine – or Clothes Iron Download the PDF file by clicking on the link below: ALOKSAK® ELEMENT-PROOF BAGS
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  1. cbr600rrturbo says:

    good vid , thanks for sharin bro :)

  2. jasonisunavailable says:

    Great video.

  3. USNERDOC says:

    @PsykoWaffle – durability and redundancy . . . the cache tube adds a great deal of durability over just the vacuum bag and the vacuum bag adds an extra layer of protection over just the tube. Hope that helps.

    Of course on can do this many different ways . . . this is just my approach.

  4. PsykoWaffle says:

    If you’re going to vacuum seal it, why not just bury vacuum seal the items themselves?

  5. magic101able says:

    what happened to the pdf i needed it badly.


    i wrote a book called / MY UNDERGROUND BUNKER by DAVID SIMONSON @ LULU.COM

  7. clabberroach says:

    What are your thoughts on using a 5 gallon plastic bucket and a gamma seal lid? 

  8. warriorlion says:

    GearPods Connect is a purpose-built container system designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of modern adventure and survival gear. GearPods containers are available in four lengths (from 1.5″ to 6.0″) and are open-ended. Each end of a container accepts either a GearPods Terminator or a GearPods Connector. Single-threaded GearPods Terminators act as end caps whereas double-threaded GearPods Connectors serve to connect two units.

  9. USNERDOC says:

    @USNERDOC – I am surprised your Home Depot or Lowes doesn’t carry them. Try a local commercial plumbing supply. These are very common fittings used in low pressure testing of plumbing waste, vent & drain installations before passing final inspection.

  10. curtispa says:

    @USNERDOC must b the store here dont have them i called yesterday

  11. USNERDOC says:

    @curtispa – Home Depot or Lowes

  12. curtispa says:

    where can u buy the test Plug

  13. dnave21 says:

    thanks im going to use it for geocaching

  14. starshock01 says:

    ABS is great for burying, but take care not to leave it in direct sunlight, or it will weaken and its structural integrity will be lessened greatly

  15. 4770589 says:

    I just buried my first survival cache, but I am worried about condensation. Is that an issue if your cache is totally air tight and water proof? I have a video on my channel of exactly what I buried and what I buried it in. thanks!

  16. maxinpains says:

    this is great ! Now i can store hides & stuff in this pipe!! Great! idea! I know about Cache But never thought it comes back to modern time!!! Great!!!

  17. Ghostginthree says:

    Good job

  18. huntinsober says:

    awsone vid i was thinking of doing the samething with the ammo, but you made the idea alot better with the pvc…

  19. TheSurvivalResource says:

    you are such a cool dad!

  20. cbarsonfire says:

    Dude you do not have a clue; Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene ABS pipe is approved by the International Plumbing Code for direct burial. While PVC is more common these days, ABS is still used in some locations.

  21. cbarsonfire says:


    jim cap : Rubber cap with a stainless steel band. Generally used on sewer clean outs.

  22. USNERDOC says:

    @Maxster42 – sounds like you need to post a video and share your expertise. I am just sharing what I do. I am well aware there are better ways to do many things.

  23. Maxster42 says:

    Dude you used the cheapest material available, ABS is shit… Why would you mislead everyone to think this would be secure? You could break this ABS schwagg just putting it in the ground!

  24. MegaDavid0987 says:

    Very informative…..

  25. jplerwill says:

    @sheba106 the clamp is stainless steel and designed for underground use for sewers. a very high majority of homes have the coupling version of this called a no hub band connecting the home to the municipal system. I have done repair work and have seen bands 30-40 years or older under ground and still in good condition. The plugs do rust out rather quickly though, and the bow nut is usually a low quality brass or some other soft metal so it bends and breaks very easy,