Nic Jones Canadee-IO

Nic Jones Canadee-IO
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  1. Teddyb1939 says:

    @InParticularNobody Absolutely, well said, I am not a guitarist but to me this is wonderful stuff. As another player your comments are most important to the legend of Nic Jones.

  2. promerops says:

    @Scotsovertheborder You’ve said it all.

  3. tunefultony says:

    It doesn’t come any better……..simply sensational.

  4. nigele9 says:

    @piratemorrisman I agree Nic Jones does deserve to be respected and enjoyed and i hope that most of us listening here will buy or have bought the albums this gorgeous music came from. I would like to think when I’m not here someone will find this and marvel at the skill and sheer beauty of this music and that the free show will win Nic many more admirers.

  5. captbanjo1 says:

    Agree about the arrangement of ‘guitar accompaniment’. The accompaniment portion is the key; there is a propulsive and unrelenting drive behind the vocal. Quite unique!

  6. piratemorrisman says:

    please remember after Nic’s car accident his income is you lot paying for his music not just listening to it for free, it is his income and boy is he worth it, thank you xx

  7. InParticularNobody says:

    Now then….I’m a pretty good guitarist, but listening to this, I think I might just smash my Guild to smithereens. Genius genius genius. I may have heard more technically difficult things (though not by much), but I’ve never heard finger-picking done with such soul. He even breaks the rules and bends those strings while playing folk ;-) . the back-story to his life makes it all the more poignant and beautiful. Nic – raising a glass to ya.

  8. Hutch41 says:

    No……..I’ve never heard better either.
    I saw him perform twice and it was magical and then of course came his car crash just when he was reaching his peak.
    Like you I hear his influence everywhere from Bob Dylan to Paul Brady.

  9. EggBagg26 says:

    @ainonosaint Nick Drake big time. He was as good – if not better – then Nic Jones. But Journey by Duncan Browne doesn’t sound in the same league to me. My opinion, I know, but the two Nic(k)s are something incredibly special and I don’t think we’ll see the likes again.

  10. killanimalsforfun247 says:

    @aznrulez54321 You are dumber than a bag of wet mice.

  11. denisdeasy says:

    Idiot !

  12. denisdeasy says:

    @aznrulez54321 idiot

  13. denisdeasy says:

    @aznrulez54321  idiot

  14. denisdeasy says:

    @aznrulez54321 idiot

  15. nondescript11 says:

    Perfect. No other word for it. Thanks Nic

  16. ainonosaint says:

    If you liked this (and who doesn’t) listen also to Journey by Duncan Browne and songs by Nick Drake such as River Man or From The Morning.

  17. ainonosaint says:

    If you liked this (and who doesn’t) listen also to Journey by Duncan Browne and songs by Nick Drake such as River Man or From The Morning.

  18. MrDarkShadow64 says:

    wow… just…  wow. Where has this guy been my whole life? Never heard of him before. I came here looking for a recording of this song by 7 Nations – this is better – or, at the very least, just as good. A beautiful song performed by a very talented artist.


    i could marry a girl that could marry this song

  20. carollizc says:

    @aznrulez54321 Well….no. Dylan did record a version of it, but the song’s traditional. Personally, I don’t think anyone could do a better job of it than Nic does here.

  21. aznrulez54321 says:

    This song was made by Bob Dylan…

  22. tammi46410 says:

    wjoever disliked this should be shot

  23. denisdeasy says:

    @Scotsovertheborder Agree, although i think some of Kelly Joe Phelps playing comes close

  24. baishengren says:

    @Scotsovertheborder Could be though Nick Drake is up there too. Possibly even level. Pity he’s gone now God rst his soul. :)

  25. baishengren says:

    @50dss T’was true. He did say he wanted to play his own stuff next time. Obviously he can’t play to this standard anymore. Shame but a welcome back to a man beyond influence. :)